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Lunch Menu

Hors d’œuvres



Les Escargots de Bourgogne ~ $11.00
Baked snails in shell with garlic butter and parsley

Les Moules Provençales ~ $9.00
Baked mussels with herbs, garlic, butte and cognac

Les Crevettes Antiboise ~ $12.50
Sautéed shrimp with white wine, tomatoes, garlic and black olives

Les Calamars Frits ~ $9.50
Fried Calamaris

Le Portabello Maison ~ $9.50
Sautéed portabello with cabrales cheese, reduction of balsamic vinegar

Saumon Fume a l'Huile Citronnee ~ $11.50
Smoked salmon with accent of lemon and olive oil

Les Huitres Mignonette                                                  
Oysters on Half shell. ( see raw Bar selections)

Le Pate de Campagne  ~ $10.00
Country pate,w/veal,pork,chicken,liver,herbs,spices

Le Gazpacho du Basque ~ $7.50
Chilled tomato, celery, onion and  cucumber soup.


Les Poissons et Coquillages

La Truite Amandine ~ $15.50
Brook trout sautéed with almond and lemon butter

Le Loup de Mer Belle Riva ~ $18.50
Filet of Bronzino sautéed with mushroom and capers

Le Saumon / Coulis de Poivrons ~ $18.50
Pan seared salmon with sweet bell pepper sauce

La Paella a la Valenciana ~ $16.50
Medley of shellfish, chicken, chorizo sausage in saffron rice.

Les Moules Mariniere          $ 15.50

Steamed Mussel white wine & Shallots & Fries


Les Pastas


Penne Mozz with Grilled Chicken Breast  ~ $14.50
Pastas with mozzarella & Grilled Chicken Breast with marinara sauce

Pasta Primavera ~ $12.50
Linguini with artichokes, broccolis, carrots, zucchinis, garlic,
olive oil, herbs.

Les Moules Poulette et Pates ~ $18.50
Steamed mussels over Linguini, cream, parsley and white wine


Les Viandes


L'Onglet au Poivre Vert et Frites  ~ $18.50
Grilled  Hanger steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Les Escalopines de Veau ~ $18.50
Veal piccata with lemon butter sauce

Le Foie de Veau a la Lyonnaise ~ $18.50
Sauted calf' liver with onion, and madeira

La Poitrine de Poulet Grille a l'ail ~ $15.50
Marinated breast of chicken in garlic, olive oil, herbs, grilled over linguini

Les Sandwich


Le Croque Monsieur ~  $11.50
Grilled ham & cheese over toasted white bread, cheese mornay sauce,
French fries & field greens

Le Casse Croute au Poulet ~ $12.50
Grilled chicken breast over country bread with Swiss cheese, field greens
& French fries

Le Sandwich au Portabello ~ $9.50
Grilled portabello over foccacia, field greens & French fries

Le Sandwich au Crabe           $18.50

Lump Crabcake Sandwich , French Fries & Greens



Les Soupes


La Soupe au Pistou ~ $ 7.50
Vegetable soup w/white beans, garlic, pesto, and parmesan cheese

La Soupe a l'Oignon  ~ $ 8.00
French baked onion soup with caramelized onions sherry, garlic, Swiss cheese and croutons, gratinée


Les Salades


La Salade Nicoise au Thon Grille ~ $18.50
Field greens, potatoes, tomatoes, string beans, boiled eggs, cucumbers, grilled tuna steak

La Caesar Salade  ~  $7.00
with shrimp..or chicken..or tuna.. $15.00

La Salade Maison ~ $5.00

La Salade du Chef ~ $12.50

Chef's Salad: Field greens with julienne of ham, cheese, chicken and tomatoes


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